Thursday, September 2, 2010

Slab done, bring on the framers!

Just took a quick trip out to the home site at lunch to find progress!  We've had a couple days of rain this week, which has shut down progress.  The sun came out today, as did the contractors!  Paul (Paul Nowak Construction) said that it would take a few days for the concrete to cure, but that we could have framers out as early as next week!  From what I've been told, once the framing starts... it's a quick process to get the rest of the house up.... which is good, because Darren's Adair 1920 is quickly catching up with me and I want my house done first!  (Darren is a co-worker, so we bicker about who's house will be done first)

Paul working the power trowel

Paul and his boys at work (I think he has 6 kids, and all 6 work for him, and all 6 are boys!)

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