Thursday, September 9, 2010

Delta Drain 6000 Installation

Last night was pretty rough...

Not only was it raining, dark and muddy... but my poor dog was apparently afraid of the .22 shells we used to sink the nails.  Long story short, he ran away and it took a good 2 hours to find him.  Thanks again Russ for sticking with me while we looked for my little buddy.

OK now on to construction!

Russ (once again) volunteered to help me out with the Delta Drain 6000 installation.  Armed with some concrete powder pins and a nailer, we trekked off to Toledo to "get er done"!  That was the attitude at the beginning of the project... "how hard can this be?"...  the answer to that was sadly "really hard".

Because of the rigidity of the plastic, and the odd shape of my back wall.. we had a hell of a time making the corners and getting the drain board to "snap together".  The nailer also had a bit of a learning curve, as you had to angle the shell down before you hit the back of the handle, otherwise the .22 shell would dislodge and you would ruin it.  ugh

Here are the first 3 sheets we installed.

I decided to roll from the top to bottom instead of from one side to the other.  More cutting, more nailing, a LOT less waste.

Not bad for a couple city-folk



  1. Things look like they are coming along nicely. Somehow I was still shocked to see windows though...

  2. I was shocked to see the "lack of" windows... we clearly need more glass!

  3. I don't understand why they showed up so "early."

    I am so grateful that Russ has stepped in to help so much!