Monday, September 13, 2010

Framing Drama

Framing started on the basement on Friday and, much to my surprise, the contractors were on-site Saturday as well!  I spent a few minutes talking to David and his crew and went back to installing my Delta Drain.  Well a couple hours later, David walks around the corner on his cell phone and tells me that Josh (from Adair) needs to talk to me.  Josh informed me that David had made a rather large mistake in assuming that the floor joists would sit INSIDE of the concrete foundation, instead of ON TOP of the foundation like I had requested.  The whole purpose of the 10' walls in the basement is for me to be able to A) have a 2 post lift in the basement while it acts as my shop and B) have 9' finished walls once we decide remodel it.  I feel like both Josh and David were fishing for me to say "yeah, that's ok"...  I don't think so.

Long story short, the exterior 2x6 walls are all 9.5" too short and Josh is now looking for a way to fix it without tearing everything out and re-doing it.  There is a potential for a 6x10 beam to fill the gap all the way around the house, and the joists would sit on top of that... but we need engineer approval before we can proceed.  Josh has assured me that it will be fixed, and that it will not affect the overall budget of the house.

More delays... :(

That "Rim" should be installed ABOVE the foundation wall, not level with it.


  1. That sucks, at least you caught it somewhat early. Make them fix it, that is crap!

  2. I agree with Sarah, but also must say...framing, framing! This is a rockin stage...I loved walking through and learning "where everything goes" in any new house my daddy built, including the two I was raised special. Door jams, toilets, windows, and really starts to become a house when you can see where that stuff is going to be. I always liked trying to determine the layout of the homes he built, good times. Man I want to come up and SEE it! :) xoxo

  3. Kuddo to Adair (Josh) for getting this ironed out!