Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hit em with a Hot Mop!

For the last couple weeks, I have been soliciting advice from builders in the area on how best to prevent water from entering my basement.  With 10' walls in the back, and living about 30 feet from a designated Wet Land, I am going to have water issues... period.  After researching all the recommended products to "waterproof" my basement, I decided to throw everything out.. and buy something no-one had used before.

Enter Delta Drain 6000

This stuff is awesome!  It's main purpose is keeping water out of commercial buildings and civil engineering projects (think bridges and tunnels).  It was NOT cheap, but if I am going to use the basement as livable space, I may as well make sure the water will not create mold... mold is bad m'kay!  The Delta Drain system is designed to use in conjunction with a french drain and basically is a waterproof barrier between the foundation wall and the backfill dirt.  Water hits the geotextile fabric and flows down the drainboard into the french drain.  What the best way to make something waterproof??  Make sure that no water gets near it.  Tyler and I took a road trip to Eugene to pick it up (thanks Leo) and it's ready to go as soon as the damn rain stops.

The salesman at Masco who sold me on the Delta Drain system said that most of his contractors do not do any "damp proofing" behind the drainboard, they simply nail it on and call it good.  I wanted some sort of back-up just in case the french drain ever got clogged, so I bought 30 gallons of Henry 101 Unfibered Roof & Foundation Coating and a few 3-knot brushes.

Delta Drain 6000 and Henry 101

Mop Brothers

The wall after 2 coats and a few beers!

View of the construction site from about half-way through the wetland

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