Friday, August 20, 2010

Walls Finished, Much To Do!

Now that the walls are finished:

HUGE back wall.

Other side

Now I need to fill in the footing area with dirt and gravel in order to prep for the slab pour.  Last night, with Darren's help, we laid 5 yards of 1"- gravel over the top of the garage door opening to be able to get the machinery inside the foundation area.  This saves a TON of backbreaking work!  The plan is to work pretty hard this weekend and have the slab poured late next week.  Once this is done, the framing can start!

I LOVE dump trailers!

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  1. Looks great guys! Wow, I can't believe you will have your home all done in December. Crazy! I'm so happy and proud of you guys and can't wait to visit. xoxox