Wednesday, August 4, 2010

That's HUGE

The forms are about 90% done, but the contractor missed the deadline for a second inspection... so nothing happened today as Lincoln County inspectors only inspect on Tuesday's and Thursday's.  The contractor will be back out tomorrow to finish up the concrete forms, and the concrete pump should arrive tomorrow afternoon.  In theory, we will have concrete walls placed and exposed by end of day Friday!

TALL Walls!  10' in the back, 2' in the front

Once the walls go up, I need to fill the foundation area with rock and compact it down in preparation for the monolithic slab pour!  Foundation filling should take a few days, so I anticipate having the slab poured either late next week, or early the following week... It just depends on how long it takes someone to get out to dump the rock.  The hardest part will be figuring out how to get the rock inside the foundation.... I'm not going to shovel 60 yards of 3/4 minus by hand!

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