Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Slab Prep

In order to prep for the basement slab, I am required to fill in the foundation footprint up to the top of the footings.  Originally, I was going to fill the whole thing with gravel and compact it down... this was going to take about 70 yards of 3/4 minus and about $1400.  Vern Wiles (Central Coast Excavating) suggested that I just use the clay I removed from the dig-out to fill most of it, and put a 2" layer of rock on the top.  Genius.  Not only did it save me about $1200... it also gave me an excuse to run the excavator.

So last Sunday, Dad and I went out the site and filled the foundation footprint with clay, leveled it out, compacted it down in preparation for 2" of rock.  I called Vern to schedule the rock delivery and found out he was out of town for a week.  He suggested I call Chris at Waldport Ready-Mix.... man am I glad I called him.  Apparently they have remote control trucks now, that can literally shoot gravel 50ft in any direction... and all controlled by a dude with a fancy remote control standing anywhere he wants.

This truck was AWESOME.  Note the guy in white controlling the truck... there is no-one in the truck.

Another view of the truck.  Note the gravel arc

Once the gravel was down, I used a rake to grade it

Once graded, I used a plate compactor to make it flat.  
Paul Nowak (our foundation sub-contractor) was nice enough to let me borrow this bad boy

Once compacted, I used the transom to verify grade.  It's within 1/2" everywhere.

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