Monday, August 2, 2010

And Were Off!

I had been bugging Josh all of last week to firm up a construction start date, but hadn't gained any traction with him on solidifying a date.  Apparently the contractor who is doing our foundation finished a job early and was eager to get going on our house....  They started last week!

We have some extended family in town and they wanted to see the my mom took them on a tour, only to find the foundation footing forms were already done!  Needless to say, I packed up and headed out there when I found this out!  While I was out there today, I met Paul and his son who were doing the foundation work.  He asked a couple questions about the layout, and told me he managed to get his truck stuck in the gravel already.  As we were discussing everything, the porta-potties were delivered and the concrete truck was supposed to be there anytime.  It's starting to look like a construction site!

Facing west.

From above.

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