Friday, July 16, 2010

Judgement Day!

I got a call from the City of Toledo yesterday to come down to City Hall to sign some paperwork for the building permits.  I was met by someone my sister went to High School with (Jed Cohen), who apparently was on his first day as the Toledo City Planner.  Small world.

There were a few things Adair didn't fill out correctly on the application to the County, so I had to fix some things and autograph some others.  I also had to write a short "Wetlands Preservation Plan", which basically means I need to stack hay bails at the bottom of the fill area to prevent the newly dug dirt from flowing in to the wetland.

Heaven forbid the DIRT mix with the WET DIRT!

Jed informed me that me entire application was going back on the desk of the "Head Cheese" in the morning (which would be today) and that I should know something by this afternoon or Monday at the latest!

I also got a call from the PUD yesterday complaining that my conduit run was at LEAST 5' longer than they originally thought... so the grumpy union guy said that MAYBE it would be done today, but most likely Monday... as apparently it's REALLY difficult to drive the 1.5 miles and cut more cable...

Adair's final site evaluation is on Wednesday, so we should be ready to start the foundation on Thursday! 

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  1. Wow. Most of the people that work for the City of Toledo seem like they don't accurately respect the ease of their jobs...maybe they would like to switch places with me???