Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back- breaking weekend

As we wind down towards the start of construction, it becomes easier and easier to envision ourselves in the new space.

Dad and I spent half-day Saturday, half-day Sunday and all day Monday working on the property.  Dad drove the machine which left me as the 'ditch man'.  Apparently there are all sorts of protocol items that the 'ditch man' should know in a formal construction operation.   This was NOT a formal construction operation :)

Things we accomplished this weekend:

Ditch dug from the transformer to the home-site.  
One 3" conduit for power and one 1" pipe for water.

Our water meter was installed last week, so I had to tap into it.  
Note there are 2 couplers there.... it turns out one should WAIT for the 
PVC to dry before turning on the water.  Lesson learned.. the hard way.

Temporary water installed.

Power hand-hold installed, ready for the PUD

Home-site cleared and graded. 


  1. Looks like all your hard work is really paying off. Just think of all the money you are saving!

  2. major kuddos to Matt and Dad!