Friday, July 2, 2010

Home stretch!

I met with Josh yesterday on the way home from Lincoln City to discuss some issues we were having with the foundation plan.

Bad news:  Our "Tall-Crawl" aka daylight basement was going to require Engineering because of lack of lateral support for the back wall.

Good news:  Josh thinks there is enough in the foundation budget to cover most of the costs to pour a slab.  The slab will provide lateral support for all 3 concrete walls, and is something that we would have done anyways further down the road.  Plus it gives us a LOT more usable storage downstairs (like, 1560 sq ft).  Can you say temporary shop??

It was either spend $1000 now on Engineering plus whatever funky they would require... or buck up and spend $3k - $4k now for the slab and eliminate the Engineering costs.  $1k now and $4k later, or $4k now.  Easy decision.  Especially since we had budgeted $15k for the site prep costs, and I've spent about $800 so far on rock for the road.  Good thing we have an excavator!  Taking DIY to the next level, and saving about $10k.

In other news:  I picked up about 800' of conduit and PVC today for the water, sewer, communications and power.  Were going to finish up the dig-out and run our conduits this weekend.  Josh said our floorplans will arrive next week and we can apply for permits at the same time.  Were about 2 weeks out before the foundation is poured!


No pics of the build, but here is Tyler :)


  1. Lets see, pictures of conduit or pictures of Tyler, Tyler wins hands down.

  2. TEMPORARY SHOP!!! That is great, site looks good! Yay for you house is getting closer every day!!! :)

  3. I agree with Sarah, even if the conduit is to my personal benefit :p