Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rocky Road!

Pardon the ice-cream reference, but it was the only "Rock" and "Road" thing I could come up with.  Weak.. I know.

We have a driveway!

This weekend we started the dig-out for the daylight basement.  Dad took the reigns for the first few hours as we got some expert advice from our Contractor (Vern Wiles - Central Coast Excavating).  After about 6 hours of digging, we're partially through the back-wall!

It still amazes me that someone is going to make that flat and level!

View from the kitchen!


  1. Beautiful, can't wait to see it! Oregon is always so green, love it! :)

  2. Let me just say that the first layer of gravel constituting our driveway is not Mini friendly.

    This is not smooth, packed down gravel. This is large chunks that apparently make up the base layer upon which further layers of finer gravel will go.