Thursday, June 3, 2010

Release the Komatsu!

A big weekend on the house project!  We were joined this weekend by my sister and her husband (up from SF) for a birthday celebration, and to do some diggin!  Dad and I borrowed the Komatsu from CoastCom to begin the long tedious process of prepping the homesite.  One of the great things about Adair is the homeowner is responsible for a number of construction related activities, including site-prep work.  Granted, most people probably HIRE someone to do this... but not me!  Equipped with a new-ish excavator, and a rented tractor/mower... we tackled it head first!

Yeah, ok... that mentality lasted about 2 days.  I'm now in contact with someone that knows what they are doing to come help.  I'm not completely giving up on the DIY site prep.... but I now know why these guys make the money they do... it's REALLY hard to operate heavy machinery. (at least to do it right).

Regardless of our inadequacies with the excavator, we managed to get quite a bit accomplished this weekend. 

See those tree trunks? 

Trunks dug out, making way for the new driveway

Our first attempt at road building... someone else will do this lol

Upper area cleared out... mostly blackberries!  It's starting to feel landscapable

Komatsu: 1 Tree: 0

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