Friday, June 18, 2010


Matt has been out almost every night after work to get more of the excavating done. We are so lucky that we have this equipment available to us and that Matt and Dad are sorting their way through doing themselves. A few nights I have brought Tyler and Token down to play in the dirt and watch Daddy dig under the pretense of getting a little family time in there. And really, who likes to dig alone???

Tyler is growing more comfortable with the big machinery, and now it totally ready to take charge.
Token, as always, remains fearless to a ridiculous level. But a dirty dog is a happy dog. Until Mom gets him home and forces him in the tub yet again. You play, you pay Token!


  1. Love me some Tyler cuteness!

  2. The pic of Matty and Ty is just too cute!!! :) So can't wait to SEE the sight in PERSON!!!

  3. creative quality family time!