Monday, May 17, 2010

Sewer non-sense

Not much is happening with the home build at the moment, since really we are just waiting for the final order to be drafted from Adair, and also waiting on the bank to finalize the appraisal.

One issue that we are working through is the odd sewer system.  Our home-site sits about 30ft below the on-site sewer system, so we will obviously need to pump sewage up-hill to the pipe.  The main issue is that the pipe on our property is pressurized to 38psi. 

Converting pressure in psi to head in feet

h = p 2.31 / SG         (3)
h = head (ft)
p = pressure (psi)
h = (38psi * 2.31) / 1 (SG of water)
h = 87.78 ft

Tack on another 25' in elevation just to GET to the pipe... and our pump has to be pretty beastly.  There may be a couple other options, but we wont really know until we meet with the City next week.


  1. Pump it downhill into the river!

  2. Just make sure the pump doesn't fail!

  3. You people and your math :)

  4. could he make a blog more nerdy????