Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Adair Final Home Site Evaluation

Josh from Adair - Lincoln City met me at the property this morning to do the final site evaluation and to take some grade measurements.  We messed with the positioning of the house such that total drop in grade was about 6' 6" instead of the original 10' as we had it set.

This will save us quite a bit over the long run, since our back retaining wall for the 'daylight basement' will only need to be about 6' tall instead of 10'.  Less concrete, less cost.  The downside is, we lost about 2' of driveway space on the upper section of the house, and we will probably have to cut at least one of the 'buffer trees' down (between us and the only neighbor).  But there are plenty of things we can do to create visual space between us and them.

Overall, I am impressed with the knowledge and professionalism that we have experienced with the Adair staff.  I often get impatient waiting a couple days for an email response... but most of that is just me... impatient.

Were headed up to the office in Lincoln City tomorrow to do the final "picking out" of the flooring, cabinets, counters, etc. etc. so that we can get the final order signed by next week.  Close date is set tentatively to May 28th, just in time for Jenni's arrival for a visit!

2 tapes = exact measurements!  Well ok... not exact, but pretty close.

View from the lower road.  Notice the bottom of the house is now about 3' higher than the road.  We will need to either fill the lower road up 3' to match the grade of the crawlspace, or build a gradual lower driveway up to the grade.  Not sure how much fill dirt we will have, but this shouldn't be too difficult.  Especially if it saves us $5,000 in concrete costs for the retaining walls!

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