Thursday, May 20, 2010

House Order

We all went up to the Adair Homes office in Lincoln City on Tuesday to confirm our selections / upgrades / modifications and to sign the FINAL ORDER!

Plan changes include
-Additional exterior door through utility room for muddy paw-print access
-8' crawl space (daylight basement).  We will have no access to it from inside the house, but in the future we can expand to a 2 story house.  It also acts as the garage for a while, since we aren't building one.
-Relocating the water heater to the basement area.
Agreements have been signed, and our 60 day clock has officially started!  We have until 7/18/2010 to get the homesite ready, and already things are starting to progress forward.

 Tyler loves the tools!

I managed to find a potential solution to our sewer issues.  E/One Sewer Systems makes an 'all in one' product for tapping in to existing force-main systems.  While it doesn't 100% match with the requirements of the City of Toledo, I think I have enough documentation to at least plead my case.  These units go for about $4,000, which is about half of what we had budgeted for the entire system.  Granted, it will take a bit of manual labor to install.. and we will have to hire a plumber to do the force main connect, but it seems to be a great product and solution.  This thing pumps 8.5gpm at 185' of head!


Our bank did an amazing job of getting the paperwork done on our loan and is ready to close 3 weeks early!  We go in on Monday to the title office to sign final paperwork and the loan will get funded on Tuesday.  Thanks Becky!

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