Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Paint, Paint and more Paint

Gary of Adair Homes has been working diligently to get Rhi, Tyler, Baby-to-be and I into our new home.  With this, bring some tight deadlines.

Gary let us know that our drywall contractor would be done on the 19th and that our finish package would be delivered on January 4th.  This seems like a long time in my mind.  All I had to do was paint the interior of the house... how hard could it be?  The answer:  REALLY hard.

It wasn't so much the technical skill that was needed, but simply a MASSIVE volume of tape, plastic, paper and Coors Light.  Adair said we didnt need to worry about the ceiling, so we just concentrated on the walls.  Boy, was that a mistake.

Yep, we're ready!

The drywall guys didn't end up finishing until around the 22nd or 23rd, and there was no way I was going to be working on christmas... so Russell and I started the project on Thursday the 28th.  I picked up the first wave of supplies, along with 40 gallons of paint.  20 primer, and 20 color.

Sherwin-Williams.... The good stuff

The plan was to shoot 1 good thick coat of primer, and come back with 2 coats of color the next day.  After pretty much a full day of masking the ceiling, we were ready to shoot the primer.

Primer done.  Saturday color!

And now.... the REST of the story...

When Adair tells you that you don't have to paint the ceiling, what they really mean is "If you live in a world where NOTHING every goes wrong, and where EVERYTHING is clean at ALL times... then you don't have to paint the ceiling."  I don't live in this world...  I asked Josh "So, what happens if we get the ceiling dirty?  Like my toddler throws a dirty tennis ball in the air for the dog".  His response?  "Wipe off the texture and call to have someone re-texture it".

LOL... good one.

I will be painting the ceiling.  So now that I've masked the ceiling off and painted the walls... it's time to mask the walls off and paint the ceiling.  Boy I wish I would have had this conversation a week ago.  Russ was busy on Monday night, so I tackled the ceiling adventure solo.

Walls taped, ready for ceiling primer

It's 10pm in this picture... and I haven't started painting yet

But now it's done, and I'm still alive

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  1. You did such a good job painting! Too bad all the spots where the drywall has to be fixed means touch-ups...