Monday, January 24, 2011

Deck Building

Well the house is done (at least from Adair's standpoint).  I did the final walkthrough with Gary and was handed the keys!  We still need to get the screens for the windows, and the drywall guys have a couple things they need to fix.  I have so much work to do to get it move-in ready that just the thought of it is pretty overwhelming.

Remaining items:

  • Finish back-fill and final grade around house
  • Finish driveway around the house
  • Build a deck in the back so that the sliding glass door doesnt offer a 12' drop
  • Build a front porch to connect the 2 doors
  • Install pressurized sewer system
  • Install appliances
  • Paint exterior of the house (we can probably wait on this)
Last weekend Erik and Joe came down from Portland and we battled the wind and rain to get the posts in the ground for my back deck.  This weekend, Russ and I worked on the deck Saturday and I went back out solo on Sunday.

Ledger went up Saturday with Russell's help

Posts up, ready for measuring

Posts removed, cut and re-installed (solo.. that sucked)

Beams going up

Beams finished, ready for joists

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