Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We have a driveway!

Not much has happened in the last month or so.  We have been battling the torrential rains of the coastal winters and the house has had a tough time drying out.  For all you potential Adair homeowners, I can tell you that this has been the most frustrating part.  For the most part, Adair has done everything possible to insure the house drys out (don't get me started on the front doors) but mother nature was not cooperating.

Last weekend we got the thumbs up for insulation installation, and the insulators had a bit of a tough time with the road (or lack of).

I had to do something about the road for the drywall delivery and the finish package delivery.... so I hired Vern Wiles again to bring the road to the front doors.  Vern did a GREAT job with our access road and even through in a free rental of a couple ramps!

Looking towards the top

From the front door, looking back

Garage door


  1. Hey wait a minute! We could of used all this in our little mud battle!! :)

  2. Seriously. We picked the wrong weekend to show it off...I just finished getting the mud off my shoes!