Friday, November 5, 2010

Low Voltage

So not much has happened in the last couple weeks.  We've got quite a bit of rain over the last 20 days or so, and I'm just waiting for the house to fully dry-out.  Josh informed me that his first moisture reading was fairly promising and that maybe a few more days is needed to fully dry-out the house.  This is good news considering I don't even have power into the new meter yet (thus, no heaters).  The county wanted $75 for a permit for me to run the feeder wire 30 feet into the meter base from the PUD hand-hold.. BS...  So I called asking if the original contractor could run it for me..  I would rather pay the $75 to the electrician instead of the county in "fees".

Russ and I ran 21 CAT5e drops and 6 speaker wires last night.  Tonight were going to run the rest of the speaker wires and do some clean-up in preparation for insulation.

21 drops, 2 in every room, 5 in the living room, one to each corner of the house for security cameras

We ran a LOT of Cat5e

Special low-voltage electrical "boxes"

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  1. The pics of the house look great guys! Can't wait to see it, I feel like I can imagine you guys in it already, especially with Ty there playing in the dirt :)