Monday, February 14, 2011

Deck Continued

Why, oh why did I make the deck so complicated?  I envisioned a decorative border around the outside in a different color, and 45 degree angles running away from the house....  What I didnt plan on was the 44.3 degree angles that you end up with when the deck is not PERFECTLY square.  What a giant pain.

I'm going on my 4th or 5th weekend working on the back deck, with a couple ringers thrown in the mix to help me get the job done.  It's been painful, it's drawn blood... but it's almost done.

Border going up

Main deck done, with custom "V" shape.  What a PITA

Last section down, just need to rip the last board

Whole thing

This is my plan for the railing (thanks

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  1. "I dream of 45 degree angles..." Somehow you have borne the misery of the back deck with some pretty amazing grace. It looks amazing and I know that I will be proud of you every time I look outside or spend time out there.