Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Home Site Prep - The Mower

We are still about a month away from our schedule closing date, but have been unable to really "visualize" the property and it's potential.  Josh Karp (Adair of Lincoln City) was generous enough to come out to help us with the home-site planning.  What we determined is that it's nearly impossible to come to any conclusions while wading through 9' blackberries.


After some discussions with my Realtor, we contacted the seller and both parties agreed that mowing would only increase the overall worth of the property.  So basically, I paid $200 to rent a tractor with a MEAN mower attachment.. so mow someone elses land.  Backwards?  Maybe.

Rhi, Token, Tyler and I packed up and headed out on a Friday afternoon to try to make a dent in the overgrowth.  I learned something very quickly....  9' blackberries are no match for THE MOWER.

I started out backing in to them:

But soon learned... just drive

I couldn't get Rhi off the dang thing....

Let's see... wife on heavy machinery.  Kid playing with dog.  What to do?  I know!

Final Product!


  1. The tractor was SUCH a blast! Apparently I am ready for farm equipment, living in the sticks, more muddy kid and dog adventures :)

  2. Matt and Rhi: Just saw your post on my Adair blog. Congratulations on your new home! We moved in on March 7th and couldn't be happier. The quality is everything we could ask for, and our first full month's electric bill was $143!!! That's about 1/3 of what we paid before, and we had propane for cooking, drying clothes, and heating water. If you are ever out this way and want to take a peak at our house, just drop me a line. I'm a fan of Adair, for sure! (email: dubbiestephens@gmail.com) Best wishes for a successful project.

    Elizabeth (Dubbie) Stephens